Ladies Kicking Ass in Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Never would I have imagined that a movie about the whitest white guy (from the 40s, even!) who is the epitome of the idealized male hero, would be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a good long while. It also features some of the most nuanced, well-rounded and ass-kicking ladies we’ve seen in any comic book movie so far.


Hey moviemakers: pay attention. The Winter Soldier got it right.

Multiple female characters who play a prominent role, check.

Ladies are not objectified by being paraded around in skimpy outfits, check.

None of the women are there simply to be girlfriends or love interests, check.

The women significantly affect the plot in multiple meaningful ways, check.

None of the women were damsels in distress, check. (Yes, the women were in peril, but their peril was equal to the male characters.)

The women hold their own in combat situations, double check.


See? There’s absolutely a way to have a money-making, well-reviewed, exciting, entertaining comic book movie where women are treated with respect and given a prominent role. (It’s currently sitting at 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.)

Black Widow, Agent Maria Hill, Agent 13, this one’s for you. And you too, Winter Soldier producers, writers and director. Thanks for making me feel like I’m part of the audience. You’ve still got work to do, though. Give us some women of colour and some LGBT people in starring roles. My vote’s for Laverne Cox.


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